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Everything You Need to Know About Maternity Coverage

Maternity coverage is one of the top 10 health benefits that should be covered by health insurance plans that are divided into individuals, families, and small groups. Health insurance for pregnancy, employment, childbirth, and newborn care are mandatory under the Affordable Care Act 2014.

What’s New about Maternity Coverage?

Maternity coverage was not mandatory before 2014. According to ObamaCareFacts.com, only 12% of the plans that included maternity coverage were sold. Not every health insurance plan used to come with maternity coverage, if someone wanted, they had to get it additionally with their insurance plan. Also, women who already got pregnant before enrolling were either not able to get maternity coverage or they had to pay extra to avail themselves of the coverage.

The US, for the first time, made maternity coverage mandatory for women who are to conceive or are already pregnant at the time of enrollment.

Covered services for expecting mothers and babies:

Maternity services that health plans cover are


Outpatient services

such as prenatal and postnatal doctor visits, gestational diabetes screenings, lab studies, medications, etc.

Inpatient services

such as hospitalization, physician fees, etc.

Newborn baby care


Lactation counseling and breast pump rental

When to enroll in a health plan to cover your maternity?

You can register or modify various health plans at any time in the open registration section from November 15 every year for coverage from the next key year.

It is important to note that you cannot go for any change in your health plan while being pregnant. However, when the baby has arrived, you, your partner, or your kids can get enrolled or change their health plan within 60 days.

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